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 Morning Butterfly SearchHi Mom!Yum!!!

 Dog 2

I do my pattern creation with Beadscape and am always happy to create special patterns by request. (but I don't copy or convert other artists work or photos) I do my best to design with the finished product in mind. I spend lots of time beading and testing the suggested colors together first, so you will not be disappointed with your finished creation. If I missed a color (Which sometimes I do) or you need any help, Please contact me. 

I strive for a quality finished product, not just a pretty picture on paper.

  I have been an artist all my life, Mostly sketching, painting and embroidery even some silversmithing at one time.  I hope to put up some of my work here as soon as I can get them photographed. I started beading back around 1992 and fell in love with it. I now design beadwork patterns which has taken on a life of its own. I design from my favorite things in life,  My garden, my family, the wildlife, and many many dreams I have.

I am a stay at home mom with my first son Gregory, Which gives me equal time to throw myself into my work, either designing or beading for the summer art shows as well as play.   

Little Gregory has now started designing his own patterns and loves to pick colors for new projects. He loves the pouches I make (especially the fishbowl) and has a lot of fun playing with them. All my jewelry is "Gregory Tested" so they will stand up to normal wear and tear.

More to come! Dog 2



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