Here is a growing collection of finished Beadwork! If you would like to share your finished pics of my patterns, Just email me and I'll post them here! I love to see what you do with my patterns and that you enjoyed creating them!

Thank you everyone for letting me share them :)



Beading by Diana

Barbara Ford

Pearl Hood



Magical Beading Studio



Bead Bright


Kim Turner


Inge Renate Hebel





Casaundra Bower


Bonita Hendriks



Monica Barichello



Elizabeth Worobetz










Eve Everitt -United Kingdom

Tiger Cub Wiggle Earrings id 4124 , Fox Wiggle Earrings id 4111


Anne Brenner's (Bineshii Equay)


Chippy the Chipmunk Peyote id 11563   



Flowerblossom96s Beaded Creations


Billie Sanchez (Wicked Oak Designs)

Snowy Owl Hugs Barrette id 14280    Black Rose Barrette id 10066

Cow Skull Peyote id 4473   


  Dawns Beading Memories

Schnauzer Key Chain id 13442


Debbie Lazaris

Tribal Crawl Bracelet id 3127,Tribal Bat Bracelet id 3132, Tribal Fist Bracelet id 3126


Kate's Kreations AKA Kathryn Steffens

Fuzzy Animal  Zipper Pull id 4594


Marianne Oswalt Sees Beyond's Beaded Creations


Bull Frog Hop id 4972
Raven Crow Semi 3d id 7774Red Poinsettia Pouch id 5563Dolphin Wave Necklace ID 4607Semi 3D Chickadee Peyote id 4347When Cats Fly (Orange) Semi 3d id 3547


Nancy Baughman

Leaping Orca Tapestry id 3120Regal Eagle Stars and Stripes Panel id 6083


Nancy Bridgeman

Pink Diamond Bracelet id 2679, Ice Blue Diamond Bracelet id 2689


Susan Noyes

Pet me Wiggle Necklace charm id 4113   Hanging Out Malamute Panel id 8947


I cant remember who beaded and sent this to me! 

So If you recognize it Please email me so I can put your name right here!

Spaniel Ornament id 11750     Spaniel Ornament id 11750     Spaniel Ornament id 11750

 Spaniel Ornament id 11750     Spaniel Ornament id 11750




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